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IRS is suspending sending out Certain Letters to Taxpayers

With all of the processing delays of amended returns and correspondence, the IRS recently decided to suspend sending out certain notices to taxpayers. They stated the notices will be suspended until they work through the current backlog of inventory. See their article regarding the announcement HERE.

The Suspended Notices are as follows:

CP80 Unfiled Tax Return

CP59 and CP759 (in Spanish)Unfiled Tax Return(s) -

CP516 and CP616 (in Spanish)Unfiled Tax Returns – 2nd NoticeRequest

CP518 and CP618 (in Spanish)Final Notice – Return Delinquency

CP501 Balance Due – 1st Notice

CP503 Balance Due – 2nd Notice

CP504 Final Balance Due Notice - 3rd Notice, Intent to Levy

2802C Withholding Compliance letter

Business Notices

CP259 and CP959 (in Spanish)Return DelinquencyIRS

CP518 and CP618 (in Spanish)Final Notice – Return Delinquency

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