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About S.D.C.M

Latoya Terry
Owner & Founder

Latoya started her career by working with another well known tax preparation company for many years in Cincinnati, Ohio. She excelled in her position so well that she was given her own office and was tasked with being the go to person for helping the other tax preparers in the company. 

After 6 years of gaining knowledge and experience as a tax professional working for someone else, she spent the next 3 years as a Sole Proprietor preparing returns on a part-time basis. In 2020 she decided that it was time to take things to the Next Level! That transpired into the official launch of  S.D.C.M Tax Service. A Professional Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Company. Named after her children, S.D.C.M is the culmination of an idea that was thought of many years ago.

Latoya decide to train and add Bookkeeping services to her repertoire also, because so many Small Business owners really need accurate bookkeeping in order to correctly complete their income tax returns. So rather you are an individual taxpayer or a Small Business owner, S.D.C.M Tax Service is well equipped to handle your tax and bookkeeping needs. 

Our Goal, Motto and Expectation is and remains to make sure your taxes are done right the 1st time!

Be sure to schedule an appointment with us right away if you have questions or need our service. We can't wait to see you!

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